Summer in Lesmona

Picnic with a world class orchestra

Every summer, thousands of music lovers quiver with picnic fever over a very special concert event. Armed with blankets, tables, complete picnic sets and delicacies of every sort, they set off to celebrate Bremen’s most beautiful season in the open air: ›Summer in Lesmona‹. For twenty-two years, this classical summer open-air event has taken place in Knoops Park – one of the most beautiful spots in Bremen, and presented by a world-class orchestra.

Always different: fiery, sensual or jolly; the mood of ›Summer in Lesmona‹ depends on the theme, which changes every year. One thing is certain: the next ›Summer in Lesmona‹ is just around the corner!

Next concerts

28 – 30 June 2019
Knoops Park

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Advance ticket sales

It pays to book early!

Secure the best seats now for ›Summer in Lesmona‹ at our specially reduced early-bird rate. Available from 1st December 2018.


The Lesmona feeling

Uniquely diverse

In the middle of this atmospheric park which, over 100 years ago was the scene -> atmospheric park which, over 100 years ago, was the scene of a touching love story, visitors come and listen to the star soloists at the ›Bremen Friday Night‹ event, and light up Saturday’s ›Full-Orchestra Concert‹ with countless sparklers. Other traditional elements on the programme include the famous musical readings at ›Tea in Lesmona‹ and the open-air cinema at night.  Finally, on Sunday, a varied and irresistible programme for both young and old, as well as the annual picnic competition will beckon you to the park. The highlight is the afternoon’s great ›Family Concert‹ together with the ›Future Lab Playalong Orchestra‹.

The love story
The festival takes its name from the autobiographical novel ›Summer in Lesmona‹ by Marga Berck. The novel tells of the bitter-sweet summer romance between Marga and Percy. Special guided tours enable the public to follow in the footsteps of these erstwhile lovers.


We recommend travelling by public transport.


Barrier-free access

On presentation of their Disabled ID Badge, visitors may enter the building through the West Entrance ›Westliches Torhaus‹ on the streets Auf dem Hohen Ufer / Auf dem Steinberg.


In order to create the atmosphere of a summer picnic, there is no seating in the park. Guests are most welcome to bring blankets, chairs, tables and picnic baskets. We do, however, request that guests show consideration to other visitors in their use of space and we reserve the right to ask guests to streamline their picnic arrangements.

Sparklers for the night time concerts are available at the gate.

Please be aware! No responsibility can be taken for any damage to property or injury to persons visiting the event.

The festival site is closed to park visitors during the festival.

Chair hire
Chairs can be hired for a fee of € 3.00 each (plus € 5.00 deposit).

Blanket hire
Blankets can be hired for a fee of € 2.00 each (plus € 3.00 deposit).

The following are strictly forbidden:

  • erecting of tents
  • dogs
  • barbecues
  • large parasols
  • smoking (except in the designated smoking areas)