Orchestra concerts

Musical highlights in Bremen and worldwide

At the ›Proms‹ in London, on tour in Japan or in Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie, with its unique sound and fresh interpretations, The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen fascinates audiences all around the globe – in the great concert halls of international musical centres, at the most prestigious classical music festivals as well as in its home town of Bremen. Bremen’s concert hall – known as the ›Glocke‹ – hosts the subscription concerts which are a permanent feature in the orchestra’s concert diary. The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen regularly invites prominent conductors and soloists to perform with it, and offers a range of varied programmes promising an unforgettable concert experience.

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Programme notes

en passant and Prelude

If you would like to learn more about the pieces, the composers and the soloists in your concert you can visit the ›en passant‹ event a few days before the concert. Alternatively, you can visit the ›Prelude‹ event on the night of the concert.

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Community Opera

Great opera in OTe

This is truly unique; an entire district puts its own musical theatre production on the stage – together with a world class orchestra! A large opera tent nestled on the ›Green Hill‹ between the high-rise buildings of Osterholz-Tenever has already been the location for The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen’s performance of the ›Community Opera‹ seven times, each time featuring schoolchildren and teachers from Bremen East Comprehensive School (Gesamtschule Bremen-Ost) and helpers from the local community.

What is the Community Opera all about? The lives and stories of the community itself, where people from approximately 90 countries live. The motto, which has endured since the very first Community Opera in 2009, is ›you always have a choice‹.

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Club 443 Hz

Great atmosphere in a club format

Art, music, theatre and culinary art – in Bremen’s most amazing club, an experimental, interdisciplinary experience awaits a convivial audience. Together with guests from the local community and from all over the world, pupils from the Bremen East Comprehensive School, their teachers and The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen present an evening full of surprises both on stage and at the heart of the audience.

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Chamber concerts

Close up

Chamber concerts have a very individual charm, which not only lovers of this concert format have passionately succumbed to, but which has also captivated The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen’s members. Four times a year, audiences can enjoy this uniquely intensive experience in the form of their chamber music series featuring a rotating selection of musicians.

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Summer in Lesmona

Cult-classic in the park

First class concerts, international guests, endearing traditions and an audience that lets itself be transported by this event’s unique atmosphere year after year. This is the sound of The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen’s annual classic open-air event; ›Summer in Lesmona‹ in Knoops Park – uniquely Bremen.

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Melody of Life

Songs from the community

The ›Melody of Life‹ takes place in the heart of the Osterholz-Tenever district. In this unique show series, the local comprehensive school pupils stand in the limelight to present their own songs on stage – accompanied by a world-class orchestra. The results are hugely diverse, often deeply touching and clearly show the power of music as an engine for the development of self-esteem.

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Between the poles

Concerts which feel like a workshop and an audience ready to embrace unknown musical terrain and shifting instrumentation; the musicians of The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen are breaking new ground with their experimental concert series ›Interval‹. They are primarily concerned with the artistic freedom to open up musical spaces, to try things out, to experiment and explore in order to allow creativity to emerge – all far removed from traditional routine of concert convention.

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