Setting benchmarks

The orchestra’s particularly ambitious musical projects are sponsored by leading members of the Bremen business community. As Patrons of The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen, their generous financial support enables the orchestra to see to fruition projects of very high quality, such as the outstanding recordings of the Beethoven cycle and the Schumann cycle with Paavo Järvi. These international award-winning recordings in SACD quality (Super Audio Compact Disc) were only made possible thanks to the support of the Patrons.

Sponsorship project

Award-winning Brahms!

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Patrons, the symphonies of Johannes Brahms are now also being recorded in SACD quality as part of the ›Brahms Project‹. The first CD of the Brahms cycle featuring recordings of the 2nd Symphony, the Tragic Overture and the Academic Festival Overture received an Opus Klassik in 2018.

Klaus Ziegler, spokesperson for the Patrons

»The awarding of the OPUS Klassik (which replaces the Echo Klassik) this autumn once again honours the achievements of our Deut­sche Kammer­phil­har­monie Bremen. This is a huge success in which the Patrons Circle of the Deut­sche Kammer­phil­har­monie takes particular pleasure, given that this production – like many others in the past – has received our substantial support. This makes sponsorship enjoyable and keeps us motivated to appeal to new members to join this committed circle.«

For their invaluable support, The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen would like to thank:

  • Karin and Uwe Hollweg Stiftung
  • Bernd and Eva Hockemeyer Stiftung
  • Bernd and Regine Karstedt
  • Renate Klosterkemper/Atermann König Pavenstedt GmbH
  • Bernd Flock and Claus Ulbrich/Comkopie X GmbH
  • Angelika Bunnemann and Dr Thomas Brabant
  • Dr Holger Sudbrink and Dr Josef Sommer/kessler&partner
  • Silvia Jacobs
  • Rainer H. Behnke/Euromedics GmbH
  • Dr Jörg Wulfken/PwC Legal AG
  • Dr Lutz Raettig/Morgan Stanley Bank AG
  • Dr Werner Brinker
  • Axel N. Wittig/WEBO Werkzeugbau Oberschwaben GmbH
  • Katinka and Bernd Petrat
  • Klaus Ziegler
  • Karin and Gert Warneke
  • Ines Golombek/Bankhaus Lampe KG
  • Ursula and Stefan Bellinger
  • Christine and Jan Christiansen
  • Tom Nietiedt/Nietiedt-Gruppe
  • Elke and Eduard Dubbers-Albrecht
  • Gisela und Dr. Wolfgang Richter


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