Programme notes

In search of music

Would you like to know more? Surprising details, background stories, illustrations and noteworthy information about the upcoming concert programmes? In our programme notes series, you will find an interesting blend of detail and completely new insights. Take a look behind the scenes and learn about orchestral works and their composers, presented for your enjoyment either ›en passant‹ a few days before the respective concert, or as a ›Prelude‹ to a wonderful evening.

en passant

A different kind of introduction

What was it like to play Mozart’s original piano? How does a new work come into being? How do rehearsals sound? In our programme notes series ›en passant‹ you can learn about individual orchestra members, soloists and even conductors in a more personal context. Professor Ulrich Mückenberger and Kammer­philharmonie violist Anja Manthey will lead you ›en passant‹ through an entertaining evening with their guests, offering you vivid insights into the next concert programme.

The programme notes series ›en passant‹, organized in cooperation with the Bremen Chamber of Employees, is open to all interested parties. Held at various central venues, the series is free of charge.

Please see the local press for details of dates, or contact our customer hotline. Subscription holders will be informed of the ›en passant‹ dates in advance of the event and in writing.

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Well-tuned into the evening’s concert

Exactly what you need to get you into the right mood before the concert; our ›Prelude‹ series.  Half an hour before the start of each concert, we will be offering you an entertaining and informative introduction to all aspects of the evening’s programme in the Small Hall of the ›Glocke‹.

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