Partnership for the future

The orchestra sincerely thanks all its sponsors!

Sponsors play a vital part in the success of The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen, which is run as a business venture. Successful partnerships with corporate sponsors are a cornerstone of the orchestra’s business strategy: they enable The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen to make long-term plans, achieve its self-defined artistic objectives and remain largely independent of subsidies.

Does your company have the possibility to sponsor something great?

Our main sponsors

Karin und Uwe Hollweg Stiftung &
Sparkasse Bremen &
Kaefer Isoliertechnik

As our main sponsors, Karin und Uwe Hollweg Stiftung, Sparkasse Bremen and Kaefer Isoliertechnik make a major contribution to the orchestra’s success. These invaluable partners have provided loyal support for many years.

Our project sponsors

No less important are the many companies that support individual projects and concerts. BLG and KMPG are two such sponsors. Events such as ›Summer in Lesmona‹ or ›Melody of Life‹ would not be possible without such dedicated project sponsors.


Please direct inquiries and questions to

Till Krägeloh
Head of Sponsoring
Tel. +49 (0)421 95 885 119