Musically and financially independent

Since the orchestra was founded, the musicians of The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen have been united in their desire for independence: to be free with respect to programming and independent when it comes to musical interpretation. Key decisions on musical issues are therefore made democratically by all the musicians. And that’s not all – the orchestra’s financial policies are also jointly determined, making it quite unique among the world’s major orchestras.

The 41 virtuoso players are also united by their common goal of discovering music anew every day – down to the subtlest details of a musical score. This is made possible by the orchestra’s high level of music making, with each and every one of the musicians contributing to the highly lauded precision and energetic attention to detail of their playing through their virtuosity as soloists and chamber music experts.

Broadening horizons

In addition to their commitment as members of The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen, the musicians regularly perform in other, smaller ensembles or as soloists, members of chamber music ensembles, teachers and conductors. One example is the ›Wind Soloists of The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen‹, a wind octet that was established in 1990 and has won numerous awards, including an Echo Klassik.

The experiences and influences gained from these solo excursions flow back into the musicians’ work with the ›larger‹ orchestra.

The goal of musical self-determination was an important reason for embarking on the bold venture of forming a new orchestra back in 1980. The musicians wanted to break new musical ground while remaining independent of the expectations of the established markets, and to this end they were (and still are) willing to make considerable personal investment and also to assume responsibility.