The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen

An orchestra like no other

Interpretations that set new standards, exemplary social commitment and innovative entrepreneurial spirit – The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen fascinates on many levels. As an outstanding ensemble with a unique style of music-making and as important cultural ambassadors, the musicians captivate audiences around the world – from Bremen to New York and Tokyo. At the same time, they attract major musical influencers from outside to their home venue: for many years, internationally acclaimed soloists and conductors have collaborated with the orchestra in Bremen or joined them on tour.

Unlike almost any other orchestra, the Kammer­philharmonie also sets an example through its award-winning social commitment, firm in its conviction that music can change society. As shareholders of their own orchestra enterprise, the musicians play a role that is unparalleled anywhere in the world, preserving their artistic self-determination and financial independence.

For its many outstanding achievements, The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen has received a number of awards – including some that have never before been bestowed on an orchestra.

Orchestra and conductor

The sound of the 21st century

Thanks to their fresh interpretations and vibrant performances, The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen’s concerts attract critical acclaim around the world.  One of the secrets behind this unique sound is the special dynamic that exists between the musicians and Paavo Järvi, their Artistic Director of many years, which is also manifest in their joint projects: passion, curiosity and openness!

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Music as a management issue

Thanks to unconventional ideas and creativity, The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen is not only successful musically, but also as a business venture. As shareholders in their own orchestra enterprise, all the musicians are involved in artistic decisions and are also jointly responsible for the economic success of the venture as a whole. With their lived model as an orchestra of entrepreneurs, The Deutsche Kammer­philharmonie Bremen is unique and exemplary in the orchestral landscape.

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Social commitment

Cohabiting with an orchestra

Can music change society? Yes, it can! For more than ten years, this has been impressively proved in The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen’s Future Lab. In 2007, the orchestra moved into new rehearsal premises – not in an imposing concert hall, but in a plain, functional school building in the heart of Osterholz-Tenever, a neighbourhood facing a variety of social challenges. The orchestra and the Bremen East Comprehensive School (Gesamtschule Bremen-Ost) have been living under one roof ever since. This has also led to the creation of the multi-award-winning Future Lab, in which pupils share the stage with the world-class musicians as equals. Supported by a whole community, the result is musical theatre projects that are unrivalled anywhere else in the world.

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Die Welt

»… The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie under the direction of Paavo Järvis is shaping up to be the most internationally competitive and modern orchestra in Germany.«