Rehearsal visits

Right in the thick of things, not just observers on the periphery

In addition to the everyday encounters in the family atmosphere of the ›cohabitation‹, the Future Lab also organizes deliberate opportunities for school and orchestra to come together and meet. Orchestra members attend pupils’ classes in their role as mentors, talk to the pupils about their life in the orchestra and chat with them about all sorts of things. Conversely, the pupils get the opportunity to experience the orchestral work up close and from an entirely new perspective as, during these regular rehearsal visits, the pupils get to sit right in the middle of the orchestra! These visits are thoroughly prepared by the mentors and pupils in advance and followed up together after the event.

This shared daily life and the mutual visits form an important basis for the joint work required on joint stage projects and productions. A number of other Bremen schools, as well as groups from other schools right across the country, have started taking advantage of this unique opportunity.


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