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  • Solistische Virtuosität, unabhängige Interpretation
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  • Bremen, Die ›Kammer-Philharmonie‹, Gesamtschule Bremen-Ost, 20:00
    Open rehearsal for the BBC Proms concert
    Paavo Järvi, Vilde Frang, Lawrence Power
  • England, London, Royal Albert Hall, 19:30
    Works by Tüür, Mozart and Brahms
    Paavo Järvi, Vilde Frang, Lawrence Power
  • Bremen, Knoops Park, 21:00
    Summer in Lesmona – Bremen Friday Night
    David Marlow, Thomas Hampson
  • Bremen, Knoops Park, 16:00
    Summer in Lesmona – Tea in Lesmona
    Günther Maria Halmer
  • Bremen, Knoops Park, 20:30
    Summer in Lesmona – Grand Orchestra Concert
    David Marlow, Sandro Roy Quartett
  • Bremen, Knoops Park, 11:00
    Sommer in Lesmona – Family Day

  • , 19:30
    Hot 'n' Cold
    Stefan Rapp, Sven Pollkötter, Raul Camarasa, Christoph Hillmann, Andreas Wahl, Julia Baier
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»The first time I heard the orchestra play Beethoven, I knew right away that this was exactly the sound I wanted.
And then there’s this willingness to dig even deeper and elaborate on the smallest details –
a real passion for detail, in fact. That’s what I love about this orchestra:
it’s as obsessed as I am.«
Paavo Järvi
A Passion for Detail
Since The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen was founded, the members of the orchestra have been united by a desire for independence – for the freedom to develop their own musical programme and also to interpret the music in their own way. The 41 virtuoso performers also strive to discover new facets of music every day – right down to the subtle nuances of a score.

The fact that this can be consistently achieved is testimony to the high standard of the orchestra. The roots of its much-lauded precision, energetic playing and keen attention to detail lie in the soloistic virtuosity and chamber music experience of the individual musicians. In addition to performing with The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, the members of the orchestra regularly demonstrate their skills as soloists, chamber musicians, professors, lecturers, teachers or directors of other musical ensembles.

41 superb musicians – find out more about them!
The orchestra members in portrait
Sarah Christian
Florian Donderer
Daniel Sepec
Jörg Assmann
  (principal 2nd violin)
Thomas Klug
   (principal 2nd violin)
Timofei Bekassov
Matthias Cordes
Angelika Grossmann-Kippenberg
Barbara Kummer
Stefan Latzko
Konstanze Lerbs
Hozumi Murata
Hanna Nebelung
Katherine Routley
Gunther Schwiddessen
Beate Weis
Friederike Latzko
Klaus Heidemann
Anja Manthey
Jürgen Winkler

Marc Froncoux
Tanja Tetzlaff
Tristan Cornut
Ulrike Rüben
Stephan Schrader

Double bass
Matthias Beltinger
Juliane Bruckmann
Klaus Leopold

Bettina Wild
Ulrike Höfs

Rodrigo Blumenstock
Ulrich König

Matthew Hunt
Maximilian Krome

Higinio Arrué
Nicole King

Elke Schulze Höckelmann   (principal)
Markus Künzig

Christopher Dicken
Bernhard Ostertag

Timpani & Percussion
Stefan Rapp

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